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terms of service


terms of service

[Notes on using the course]

■ In the case of a business trip to the customer's home
A visiting therapist will visit you at your home address.
In principle, if it takes more than 5 minutes on foot from the nearest station, a business trip taxi fee will be charged.

■ In the case of a business trip to a meeting place other than your home
A visiting therapist will visit you at the address you booked.

In principle, if it takes more than 5 minutes on foot from the nearest station, a business trip taxi fee will be charged.

In the case of a local meet-up in a distant place, the travel expenses must be paid in advance.

■We may not be able to accept your reservation due to unavoidable circumstances (therapist's poor physical condition, disasters, accidents, etc., impact of main business, other circumstances). Please make a hotel reservation after meeting with the therapist, including the charter course and overnight course. We cannot compensate for the costs incurred due to hotel cancellation. Please understand.


■Cancellation due to unavoidable circumstances of the therapist. We will extend the service for 10 minutes free of charge the next time you use it.


■ About service

We can't do the actual act at our shop (genital insertionis differentbecomes law).

In addition, according to store management rules, sexual services and sexual massage are possible.
*The course will start after entering the hotel, and the course will end when you leave the room.It will be (staying, chartering, date course will be after meeting).

​On the day of the date, the therapist will visit you in plain clothes.


Please secure at least 6 hours of sleeping time for the therapist for the charter course and overnight course. Even if the extension increases the restraint time, please secure the sleep time. In addition, you are responsible for all hotel and food expenses. Please provide breakfast, lunch, and midnight snacks to the therapist at appropriate times for overnight stays, private rentals, and date courses.

[Notes on usage restrictions]

■If you have set domain reception, please cancel it before making a reservation.

■Women under the age of 20 cannot use our shop. LGBTQ may be available. Please contact your therapist directly.

■You may be asked to confirm your age when using the facility.

■It cannot be used by people from other companies in the same industry.

■Those who are judged to be mentally unhealthy will be prohibited from using the facility.

■If you have a venereal disease or are suspected of having a venereal disease, we will stop using it.

​■Persons who interfere with business will be suspended.

■Those who dissatisfy, slander, infringe on the therapist's privacy, insult the therapist, or post anything that interferes with the therapist's activities on SNS will be banned from using the service. We will submit a damage report to the authorities as a criminal case, and as soon as the person is identified, we will claim civil compensation.

​■Production acts are illegal. The act of soliciting itself is illegal. In order to protect the future of the therapist, we will suspend the use of those who behave in a similar manner.

■Those who are considered to pose a danger to the therapist are prohibited from using the facility.

​■If the therapist does something you don't like or forces you to use it, we will stop using it.

■In addition, if the therapist or our store judges that the service is not possible, we will stop using it.
■Acts such as unauthorized photography, voyeurism, recording, or similar acts are strictly prohibited. If such an act is confirmed, we will ask you to abandon the exclusive right and ownership of the data. Data will be collected immediately and reported to the police on the basis of ordinance violations such as stalking.

■The act of lending or borrowing money or goods with a therapist is prohibited. The therapist will not keep your valuables or luggage during the date. Please manage your valuables under your own responsibility. Neither the therapist nor our company will be held responsible for any troubles such as loss.
■Drug use (illegal drugs, rush, etc.) is not permitted regardless of whether the therapist is forced to use it or the customer himself/herself. We will notify the police when it is discovered.
■Persons who are intoxicated cannot use the facility.

■Persons related to anti-social forces such as organized crime groups are not allowed to use the facility.
■When traveling on a business trip, the therapist's arrival time may vary slightly depending on transportation. Thank you for your understanding.
■We do not offer file tours. Please check the atmosphere and specifications in the therapist introduction on the sales site.
■We do not have a change system as we will guide you by appointment.
■Please let us know in advance if you have any pain, chronic disease, or injury when your body pushes on it.

​■If you do not follow the usage restrictions, your reservation will be canceled at that point. Please understand that we do not accept refunds for course fees.

[Notes on cancellation]

Many therapists have dreams for the future.

Please do not cancel without contacting us.Don't hurt the therapist's feelingsPlease make a reservation responsibly.

​Please understand that this may cause inconvenience to other customers.

■ Change fee

There is no change system because it is all nomination system​.

■ Cancellation fee

Regardless of cancellation date100% of service charge + travel expenses

■If you change the schedule, we will not treat it as a cancellation.

* However, if you change the date to any day within 4 weeks from the cancellation date and you cannot coordinate the schedule with the therapist, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

■ If you cancel again after changing the schedule, you will be charged the prescribed cancellation fee.  

■We cannot change the schedule even if you tell us the facts such as menstruation after meeting.. You will be required to pay the full cancellation fee​.

■Customers who have a history of cancellations on the day of their reservation, regardless of whether they were in advance or not, will be required to make a payment in advance at the time of their next reservation.

■We cannot visit a room with more than one person other than the customer who made the reservation or a restaurant with acquaintances. In that case, it will be treated as a cancellation from the customer and a cancellation fee will be charged.

[Notes on business interruption and self-responsibility]

■Please do not associate with a therapist or meet in private.

■If you invite a therapist privately, the service will be terminated immediately. We will request a settlement fee as a claim for damages for business interruption.
■We will not be involved in any problems related to this service, such as secrets being exposed. It is the customer's responsibility. Please make a reservation after recognizing and knowing the extent of your own responsibility.

■Regarding reservations, it is assumed that you have agreed to all terms and conditions under the responsibility of the customer.

■Since the terms of use may be revised, the revised terms will apply even if you make a reservation before the revision. Always check for the latest version.

■ When using this service, even if there is a problem between the customer and the therapist, or if the customer or a third party suffers damage, the service will be used at the user's own risk. Therefore, our shop will not bear any other responsibility including compensation for damages.

[About confidentiality and protection of personal information]

Customs for women wish has implemented the following measures regarding the protection of personal information received from customers at the time of reservation.

1. Our shop complies with laws and other norms regarding personal information, and does everything possible to protect the important personal information of our customers.

2. We will properly handle your personal information within the scope of the following purposes.

  • Identity verification, billing

  • Emergency contact such as sudden cancellation (therapist's physical condition, etc.)

  • Requests for sudden time changes (lateness due to accidents, etc.)

  • Responding to reservations, inquiries and consultations

Our shop is fully compliant with the following:

Acts that violate government ordinances, ordinances, or laws

  • Use of illegal drugs

  • Business that conflicts with the Child Welfare Act, such as employment of persons under the age of 18

  • Acts that are understood to be obscene in public places

[Request to cancel non-notification setting]

Please cancel the non-notification setting regarding the customer's incoming call setting.
When visiting your home, etc., the therapist will call you on your mobile phone number with <non-notification>. Thank you for your support.

In addition, due to the above, we will confirm the reservation by phone without notification at the time of reservation. Please note that we may not be able to accept your reservation if we cannot confirm that you have canceled the non-notification setting at the same time.

Some therapists may contact you on Twitter.

In addition, regarding cancellation of the non-notification setting, please search on the homepage of each communication company.

[Regarding payment of fees]

*If you are using our service for the first time, please pay 80% of the service fee and travel fee in advance two days before the reservation date.

The use of our business trip service is <advance payment system>.

When using the on-site service, please prepare the usage fee including round-trip transportation expenses in cash by the time the therapist arrives.

Please give it to me when you arrive.

We do not prepare change, so please prepare so that there is no change.

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