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​Recruiting therapists

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Recruitment areas, therapist rules, etc.

Women's customs wish

■ Elimination of anti-social forces

Our shop has notified the Ibaraki Prefectural Public Safety Commission via the Ibaraki Prefectural Police Headquarters that it is a non-store-type sex customs special business.

As a result, public security has confirmed that our store has no relationship with anti-social forces.

Business sites cannot be posted without submitting the notification confirmation form.

Also, if you have a relationship with anti-social forces, your bank account will be frozen and you will not be able to do business.

In other words, we will not be involved with anti-social forces at present or in the future.

If you are involved in anti-social activities, we will promptly eliminate it by the competent police immediately.

You can work with peace of mind, so don't worry.

■ Recruitment area

  • Recruitment will be from Tokyo and neighboring prefectures of the Kanto region.

  • Based on my experience in delivery health management, I put the therapist first!

  • ​Therapists will work closely with each individual!

​■ Desired therapist image

  • ​​ Handsome, Johnny's, Athletic / Macho, Lehman, etc.

  • Those who have dreams for the future and want to make them come true

  • Those who can continue to be fun, serious, and sincere

  • Age 18-4Those in their 0s who can work in good health (not high school students)

  • The most important thing is to get close to customers and be able to meet their needs

  • Those who can handle women's libido as there are women's AV and women's AV

■ Therapist Terms

[Promise with our shop]

  • You cannot enter the store for independent purposes.

  • This is an exclusive contract, and you cannot enter into a duplicate contract with another company.

  • Your relationship with us will remain confidential for life.

  • Never cause trouble with customers.

  • Please operate in accordance with the Customs Business Law.

  • ​Managed with an employee list in accordance with the Adult Entertainment Business Act.

  • Sexual act (so-called genital penetration) is illegal, and genital penetration will be arrested, so you must never do it.

  • Your job is to entertain your customers. Do not neglect your studies as a therapist.

  • It becomes a formal contract after submitting the contract and oath.

【 Contract period 】

  • There are no registration fees, renewal fees, or publication fees!

  • Some stores require a registration fee of 100,000, a renewal fee of 50,000, and a publication fee of 30,000.

【 an end of a contract 】

  • There is no exit fee.

  • The contract will be terminated regardless of the contract period if the store management rules are not followed or if the management staff judges it to be inappropriate.

[ Penalties]

  • If you negotiate directly with the customer privately without going through the store, you will be penalized.

  • If you withdraw a customer in any way, you will be penalized.

  • If you receive a tip from the customer or if you misrepresent (fraud) without reporting the extension fee, etc., you will be penalized.

  • The penalties will be a settlement fee as damages for business interruption. Never do anything that destroys trust.

[Remuneration, etc.]

  • It is also acceptable as a side job for students and office workers.

  • It will be a contract as a sole proprietor, etc., not an employment relationship.

  • Compensation, etc. is a complete commission system (full commission system) as described in the contract.

  • The back rate is 70% to 80% maximum.

[Payment due date, etc.]

  • Please transfer the management fee to the designated account by 10:00 the next day. The transfer fee will be borne by each person.

* If you have a job before the end of the year, please complete the procedure promptly so that the payment will be made by the end of December due to the tax return.

After confirming and agreeing to all of the above, please contact us from the business trip therapist application form.

Business trip therapist application form

[Confirmation of consent to the therapist's knowledge, terms, etc.]

1. As a professional, we will adhere to the principle of customer satisfaction first.

2. Before and after work, we will respond quickly on LINE, etc.

3. We will do what our customers want in order to put customer satisfaction first.

4.We will provide 100% of the services that our customers want and satisfy, regardless of their appearance or age.

​5.Do not be arrogant and 100% professional with young customers.

6. Do not be nervous in any situation, calmly provide 100% customer service.

I will comply with the matters described in the terms and conditions. ​​In addition, ​Not mentioned in the agreement Matters shall be resolved through mutual consultation in good faith.

Once we have confirmed the content of your inquiry, we will contact you again regarding the following.

1.Certificate with face photo (driver's license or my number card surface) and resident card with registered domicile

2.Posted name

3. Height and weight

4.Posted images

5. Hobbies, special skills, points to appeal to customers, etc.

6. Date of birth

7. Blood type

​8.Our deposit account

9. Receipt issuance

10. Line exchange for business

11. About contracts and oaths

12. About ○○ series

13. Scope of business trip


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